Founding Overview

“To help reform the world”

A young person claims a seat in priority seating while an elderly person stands right in front of them.
A parked bicycle is left blocking the braille markings of a sidewalk.
A wheelchair user struggles to stop a taxicab.

All around you are scenes that make you want to raise a voice.

We want to build an organization that can proudly seek to reform the world without kneeling to the voices that aggressively say, “What gives you the right to tell me what to do?”

That was the starting point for everything.

If we work together as an organization, we have a much greater chance of finding solutions to the problems that we could not handle on our own.

In your everyday life, do you ever find yourself wondering about something out of the blue? Do you ever find yourself in trouble but don't know how to get help?

When the answer is something you can't find just from textbooks or the mandatory education system, remember our organization.

After all, we’re always on call to fulfill our mission to reform the world for the better.

The Seri’s Gift Project

*The author and this organization will hold regular lectures.
*Please contact us for more details about lectures at companies, schools, etc.

1: Realizing a concrete mode of cooperation between educational & medical institutions between the U.S. and Japan

Due to her status as a Japanese American and an immigrant living in the U.S., the novel’s author was further isolated and pushed him into a dark corner.
In order to prevent others from facing the same experience in the future, we will share information on the fields of medicine and education in both Japan and the U.S. and suggest fair options for handling similar problems.

2: Passing the baton to the next generation

We aim to create a kinder world, breaking down the concept that children and adults with disabilities should be left alone to the sole care of their family or relatives and building a new one where members of society work together help and support each other.

Purpose & Content of Activities

Our greatest mission is to hear the voices of those left behind crying for help around the world.

1: To act as an “accelerator” who connects those in need with the people or institutions necessary to solve their problems.

2: To continually monitor and support the voices who reach out to us and the problematic phenomena brought to our attention.

3: To be the storyteller who passes on what we have heard with the rest of society regardless of whether or not the problem can be currently solved.