Executive Staff

Yuichiro Morinaga

President|Management Consultant, Translation Company Manager

Born in Tokyo, his father’s work as an engineer on a ship which traveled international routes granted him the opportunity to spend much of his youth across Asia and abroad. He attended high school and university in the U.S. After graduation, he returned to Japan and found work at a merchant shipping company where he was repeatedly posted abroad. Afterwards, he built up experience at a consulting firm and formed his own company, Max Agency (Co., Ltd.). His company has since grown to support a wide variety of operations, including overseas expansion support, risk management, translation, and training for foreign personnel.

Mika Kuramoto

Director|N.Y.-based Coordinator, Author

Born in Tokyo.

After working for an airline company, she moved to New York. While leading the business consulting firm OFFICE BEAD INC. which supports the overseas development of Japanese companies, she has found herself involved in a great many projects that employ the skills she learned abroad back which bring her back to Japan, including the planning and operation of a language academy. She has published 2 books in Japan, “Mikan no Okurimono” (Sankei Shimbun Publications) and “Umarete-kurete Arigato” (Shogakukan) which have been translated to English and published internaitonally under the title “Born(e).”

Murasaki Ikeda (Daniels) 


Born in Shizuoka Prefecture, she was raised in Mexico, Shizuoka, and Yokohama. After working for Japan Airlines for a time, she decided to change fields and enter the medical world, re-entering university at Nippon Medical School. After graduating, she moved on to Showa University Hospital where she joined the department of breast oncology. After working in the university hospital’s breast center and studying abroad in Singapore, she opened her own business, “Murasaki Breast Clinic Gotanda.”

Kairi Narita

Director|Actor, Narrator

Born in Tokyo, he graduated from the Youth Theater Institute of Japan before making his stage debut in a production of “King Lear” in 1993. He continued to appear in a number of plays, movies, TV dramas, a commercials (narration), performing as both an actor and voice actor. Since 2003, he has also been working as a part-time instructor at a vocational school dedicated to tradtional acting as well as voice acting.