Meet The Directors 1

  • June 01, 2020

*President Yuichiro Morinaga / Management Consultant, Translation Company Manager

1. ProfileThanks to his father’s job as an engineer on an ocean-bound ship, he was able to spend much of his time as a child across Asia and the world, and later attended high school and university in the US. After graduating, he returned to Japan and found work at a merchant shipping company, building up consulting experience as an overseas representative before eventually founding Max Agency (Co., Ltd.). There, he supports a wide range of operations including overseas expansion, risk management, translation, and overseas human resource development.

2. What made you decide to set up this organization?
I run a business that involves a lot of overseas negotiation, and with my experience attending schools in the US, I have been approached a number of times by parents of children with disabilities who were interested in moving to the US after experience difficulties with the Japanese education system. When I was later tasked with producing an English translation of “Seri’s Gift” (Mikan no Okurimono), it became an opportunity for me to reflect and I decided to lend my hand to the issue.

3. What unique value can you provide the organization?
I hope to utilize the skills I’ve honed and the network I’ve built through my experience doing business with international entities to expand our activities to a global level.4.What kinds of activities are you looking forward to?I would like to bring specialists from Japan and the US together to work together on planning comprehensive support activities for people with disabilities.

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