Meet The Directors 3

  • June 03, 2020

*Director Murasaki Ikeda (Daniels) / Doctor

1. ProfileAfter seven years working as a flight attendant for JAL, she changed paths to follow a career in medicine. She gained experience working in Showa University Hospital’s breast oncology department, and now spends her days running her own clinic, Murasaki Breast Clinic Gotanda. In her personal life, she and her UK-born husband do their best to raise their two sons.

2.How did you become involved in this organization?
A. I was invited by Mika who joined JAL the same year I did. With all the running back and forth between New York and Tokyo, I felt that Mika’s struggles balance childrearing and a job in NYC overlapped my own, and I hope that I can lend my hand to the organization as a director.

3. What unique value can you provide the organization?
A. I want to contribute my specialized knowledge of medicine to the organization’s activities. I also want to do my part in supporting parents having difficulty raising their children as I, too, have experienced a child refusing to attend school in the past.

4. What kinds of activities are you looking forward to?Lately, COVID has kept me inside my home, and I have taken the time to reread “Seri’s Gift” (Mikan no Okurimono). I believe that this book can shine a light for disadvantaged children and their families, as well as educators and medical professionals. We also have plans to release this book globally in the future.

5. What message would you like to share regarding the current COVID crisis?
A. There are still so many things we don’t know about COVID-19, but medicine is made simply from the buildup of data, so the full story should become clear soon. Until then, I hope that you will focus on what you can do now while treasuring the small happinesses you see in front of you. When things get tough, send us a message!

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