[New Name, New Start as General Incorporated Association “TruBlue”]

  • April 09, 2023

As of April 1, 2023, our organization has changed its name to restart as General Incorporated Association “TruBlue.”
For the past three years, the majority of our activities have been related to the story of one of our directors, Mika Kuramoto, titled Born(e) (previously known as Seri’s Gift).
As a result, we have successfully achieved our original mission, which was to spread her story to as many people as possible.
However, under the name we had been using until now, it was easy for third parties to misunderstand our group as an organization specializing only in the novel, and our true goal of looking broadly across global social issues to pick out the voices of those being left behind was obscured. This was why we, under the agreement of the board of directors, decided to restart under a new name.

Beginning now, we will advance to the next stage where we will proactively plan and deliver even more projects than before.
We will broaden our horizons and accomplish what we need to do within the broader jurisdiction of Japan and the United States.
The phrase “true blue” in English refers to firmness of purpose, loyalty, and fidelity, which is the way the world and the people living on it should be.
However, we have removed the “e” in “true” to highlight our message that our current society is not yet where it ought to be.
Further, our primary mission as an organization has not changed.
Born(e) a.k.a. Seri’s Gift will continue as one of our organization’s projects.
Existing projects that are already underway will continue to operate under our previous name.
We will also announce changes to our website and email address as soon as they are ready.
We would like to thank those of you who have supported us as supporting members in the past for your understanding of the purpose and significance of our organization's activities and for your continued warm support in the future.

General Incorporated Association TruBlue
Yuichiro Morinaga (President)

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