What We Can Do Now

  • May 06, 2020

We would now like to share information with you on what all of us can do in this critical time. Our organization’s main role is to combine the various areas of expertise of each of our directors and act as an “accelerator” for getting support to those who need it.We use the term “accelerator” to represent our role, which is that of considering the core of the problems all of you face and linking them with specialists through our network across Japan, the US, and the UK to speed up the solution process.These days, schools have been shut down, self-isolation and social distancing have gone into effect, and many people are working from home all for the sake of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Has your family faced any difficulties living confined together in one space? Domestic violence, child abuse, strained marital relations...In this current age, as a part of our efforts to protect disabled people, at-risk children, the elderly, and other vulnerable individuals, we offer our support for anyone who needs consultation regarding general childcare and family worries. We will search on a global scale for the right specialist who can work with you to resolve your worries together.Please reach out to us if you need support.or our Facebook message, click below:  info@miknno-okurimono.org

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